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Samsung UA55TU8300U 55 inch 4K CURVED TV

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Samsung UA55TU8300U 55 inch 4K CURVED TV 

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General Features
Model Name UA55TU8300U
Brand Samsung
Type UHD 4K Smart LED Television
Remote Control TM2050A
Screen Size 55"
Screen Resolution 3840 x 2160
Bluetooth Yes
Connectivity Features
Composite In (Audio Video Cable) Yes
Dimension 1452.7 x 837.3 x 120.9 mm
Weight 25kg
Other Features
Audio Features
Number of Speakers 2ch 20w
Sound Technology Dolby Digital Plus
Operating System Tizen™
Power Features
Power Consumption 175W
Power Requirement 100 240Vac 50-60Hz
Product's name
Smart TV Samsung UA55TU8300KXXV
24 months
Screen type
Curved screen
Type of TV
Smart TV
Screen size
55 inch
Ultra HD 4K (3480 x 2160)
PQI picture quality index
Image and sound technology
Image technology
Mega Contrast, PurColor, Crystal Processor 4K, UHD Dimming, HDR10 +, HLG,
Sound technology
Dolby Digital Plus
Total speaker power
20W (2 speakers each 10 W)
Scanning frequency
Connect ability
Internet connection
LAN port, Wifi
AV port
Composite In Port
HDMI port
3 ports
Audio output port
Optical (Digital Audio Out) port, Supports eARC
2 ports
Integrated digital receiver
Smart feature
Operating system, interface
Tizen OS
Available Applications
Tizen App Store, YouTube, Netflix, VieOn, Apple TV, Apple Music, Web Browser, Amazon Prime Video
More popular applications can be downloaded
ZingTV, TV Go, Galaxy Play (Fim +), PoP Kids, FPT Play, Spotify, Netflix, Clip TV
Smart remote
Remote multitasking (voice control with Vietnamese support)
Control TV by phone
Using the Smartthings app
Wireless connection with phone, tablet
TapView connection, Screen Mirroring
Connecting a keyboard, mouse
Connectable (best used in web browsers)
Other smart features
Voice search that supports Vietnamese
Other information
Size with feet, table set
Horizontal 123.6 cm - Height 79.11 cm - Thick 26.39 cm
Mass with legs
18.1 kg
Size without feet, wall mounted
Horizontal 123.6 cm - Height 71.42 cm - Thick 10.4cm
Mass without vacuum
17.8 kg
Where production
Plastic rim, metal base
Year of launch
The firm
Smart TV Samsun g UA55TU8300 introduced by Samsung in 2020, a curved screen TV, 55 inch size, 4K resolution (3849 x 2160). Beautiful and modern design, the TV is suitable for all different interior spaces. Possessing a powerful quad-core processor, UHD Dimming color technology, Micro Dimming, and many other technologies that help the TV deliver brilliantly sharp images. Systems digital audio Dolby Digital Plus audio fidelity for life. Samsung 4K UA55TU8300 KXXV TV   runs on a smart Tizen operating system that delivers different entertainment colors. Besides this TV also supports many connection ports, integrated digital receiver to watch many special TV channels.
Smart TV Samsung 4K 55 inch UA55TU8300 - Sharp image, realistic sound.
Modern curved screen design
Innovatively designed 55 inch Samsung 4K Smart TV UA55TU8300 curved screen offers a full-frame viewing experience, keeping you focused on every moving photo
This 55 inch TV is suitable for many different interior spaces such as: living room, meeting room, office, ... can be wall mounted or shelf, cabinet depending on your preference, helping you to save maximum. space.
Sharp images with 4K Ultra HD resolution 4 times Full HD
This Samsung Smart TV UA55TU8300 has 4K resolution 4 times the resolution of Full HD TV to deliver stunningly sharp images on every frame.
Clear colors display, upscaling images through the Crystal Processor 4 
Crystal Processor 4K on Samsung Smart TV helps to optimize display colors for beautiful frames as seen. 4K upscaling reduces noise and improves detail, reproduces superb images, and stays true to 4K regardless of source content quality.
Enhance outstanding contrast and color range with HDR10 + technology
Provides a large color range and displays image details even in deep dark frames with HDR10 + technology, for crisp, vivid display quality for your viewing pleasure.
Enjoy more colorful pictures thanks to PurColor technology
Thanks to this technology, the Samsung UA55TU8300 TV is enhanced by multiple levels of color to give the picture as vivid, realistic and harmonious as possible as close to nature.
Black displays deep, pure white thanks to UHD Dimming technology
UHD Dimming technology enhances the visibility of colors and image details by dividing the image into parts, providing a captivating, sharp visual experience.
Reduce light reflections, sharp images in every detail thanks to Mega Contrast technology
Smart TVs Samsung with Mega Contrast technology will minimize light reflection on the screen in all lighting conditions, helping images always show deep, sharp contrast to every detail. You can comfortably immerse yourself in deep black frames or pure white, for more entertaining entertainment. 
Picture vividly with maximum contrast thanks to Contrast Enhancer technology
Contrast Enhancer technology on Smart TV enhances the maximum picture contrast so that pictures can be more realistic and vivid than ever.
The TV blends into the interior with Ambient Mode wallpaper
With Ambient Mode wallpaper, Samsung 55TU8300 TV will subtly blend into your home space with the pictures you like the most. You can stitch multiple photos or create a short movie to see the moment in a unique and more interesting way ..
Lifelike sound with clear highs with Dolby Digital Plus technology
The TV is equipped with Dolby Digital Plus sound technology that allows the TV to simulate surround sound to make you feel like you are sitting at the cinema.
In addition, this Samsung smart television is also equipped with a subwoofer that helps sounds like gunfire, boom boom, .. in action scenes are reproduced more dynamically.
Tizen OS is smooth and easy to use with a rich application store.
Tizen OS operating system is flat designed in a minimalist, modern and beautiful style, easy to use by the elderly and children. When switching from one application to another, or switching channels, the TV also runs smoothly.
Rich application store with many popular applications: Web browser, YouTube, Netflix, Flix TV, FPT Play, Film + .. meet the entertainment needs of all audiences.
Easy Voice Control with Multi Voice Assistant
Simplify usage with voice control. Now you can quickly access your favorite content, get answers, and even control TVs and other connected devices in your home space. Just give an order, your request will be done.
Display the screen of Android, IOS phone on TV via Tap View and AirPlay 2
Simply touch the TV lightly to send the signal, everything from your phone will be quickly displayed on the Crystal TV 55TU8300. Enjoy immersive music or enjoy your favorite movies seamlessly between two devices in a split second .
In addition, the Airplay 2 feature allows you to use Apple devices to control playback of media files, stream audio, show the screen on a TV or perform other similar tasks.
Supports a variety of connection ports such as Bluetooth, Wifi, HDMI, USB, ...
Samsung Smart TV 55TU8300has many different connection ports to connect devices, such as HDMI, USB, video and audio inputs, optical ports.
Specifications of Smart TV Samsung 4K 55 inch UA55TU8300:
Type of TV: QLED - Flat screen
Resolution: Ultra HD 4K (3840 x 2160)
Scanning frequency (Motion clarity index): CMR 100 Hz Bluetooth
: Yes (speaker, mouse, keyboard)
Connection Internet: LAN port, Wifi
AV port: Composite
port HDMI port: 3
USB ports : 2 ports
Integrated digital receiver: DVB-T2
Smart features
Operating system, interface: Tizen OS
Available applications: Web browser, YouTube
Popular applications that can be downloaded : Netflix, FPT Play, Spotify, ZingTV, Clip TV, Fim +, Smart VTV Go
Remote: Not available
Wireless connection to phones, tablets: Project Screen Mirroring
Connect Keyboard, mouse: Connectable (best used in web browser)
Image and sound
technology Image technology: Mega Contrast, PurColor, Crystal Processor 4K, UHD Dimming, HDR10 +, HLG
Technology audio: Dolby Digital Plus
Total speaker power: 20 W (10W + 10W) 
Information Power: 145 W
Dimensions with feet / table: Horizontal 123.6 cm - Height 79.11 cm - Thickness 26.39 cm
Weight with feet: 18.1 kg
Dimension without legs / wall: Horizontal 123.6 cm - Height 71.42 cm - Thickness 10.4cm
Weight without legs: 17.8 kg
Place of manufacture: Vietnam
Year of manufacture: 2020
Warranty: 24 months

Choosing a perfect TV can be a daunting task and would primarily depend upon what you love to watch and how you like to watch it. This buying guide will help you to understand the different features televisions can have and will answer the important questions that will help you decide on the right model for you.


Factors to consider before making a purchase


Screen size

Screen size is measured diagonally from corner to corner and only includes the actual visible screen itself, not the surrounding bezel. It’s important to consider the viewing distance from the screen. An ideal distance is listed here by:-


Viewing Distance

1.5M to 2M

Less than 1.5M

32" to 39"

1.5M to 2M

40" to 45"

2M to 2.5M

46" to 55"

2.5M to 3M

58" to 65"

3M to 3.5M

70" to 78"

3.5M to 4M

Over 105"

Over 4M


Piture quality

Picture quality is probably the single most important factor when considering your next TV. The key aspects that should be considered:


The number of pixels the TV screen is made up of. Generally, the higher the number of pixels, the more detailed the picture quality will be.

Processing rate

This is the pace the TV processes the screen changes. The higher the processing rate, the smoother the picture will be even in the most action-packed events such as films or sports. For example while watching TV the picture you see is actually a series of images shown at high speed to create a continuous moving image. Just like a flipbook or film reel. The processing rate - aka the refresh rate - tells you how fast the images are flashing up on the screen. In the technical specifications, you'll see it measured in hertz (Hz) - the higher the number, the more times per second the image refreshes on your screen. This makes the picture smoother and less blurry.


Types of Televisions


Smart TV's

These days, many mid- to high-range TVs will offer smart functionality, and even some budget models and brands are starting to include online features. Smart TVs are one of the first and easiest devices you can add to your living room to start to make your house in to a smart home. Connect to your home network and stream a huge range of movies, videos and music from popular services like Netflix,* Hulu Plus,* Pandora and YouTube. Many smart TVs also include a full Web browser, so you can surf the Web right on your TV screen.

4K TV's

4K TVs, also referred to as UHD or 4K Ultra HD TVs, have up to four times the number of pixels than a Full HD TV. A screen needs 3,840 x 2,160 pixels to be considered 4K and will have over 8 million pixels.


The latest in TV technology, OLED stands for Organic Light-Emitting Diode. Electricity is passed through these diodes in the screen to produce coloured light. This makes up your picture. Because these diodes produce their own light, each individual one can also be turned off, producing true blacks and smoother images.


LED TVs use an LED backlighting panel to shine light through an LCD (liquid crystal display) screen, producing the colours and images you can see. LED TVs produce bright vivid colours.


This TV is also referred to as 1080p. Screens classed as Full HD have over 2 million pixels, made up of 1920 x 1080 pixels.

Curved screen

Curved screens are more immersive and are the latest in screen technology, putting you at the centre of the action.

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