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NutriBullet Rx Smoothie Maker 10pc Set, Black, 1700W, N17-1012

NutriBullet Rx Smoothie Maker 10pc Set, Black, 1700W, N17-1012

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General Features
Model ID N17-1012
Brand Nutribullet
  • Eat Smart With The Nutribullet Rx-The Most Technologically Advanced Nutribullet To Date. Powered By Hands-Free Smart Technology And A 1700-Watt Motor, The Nutribullet Rx Breaks Fruits, Vegetables, Nuts, Seeds And Other Superfoods Down Into Silky-Smooth Beverages, Unlocking The Full Range Of Nutrients They Have To Offer.
  • The nutribullet rx also features an all-new 7-minute heating cycle to make hot soups, sauces and warm beverages. Included in the system is the nature's prescription for optimum health book, which teaches you how to customize recipes to address your specific health needs. The nutribullet rx has no need for plungers, speed adjustments or time settings, as it is pre-programmed with smart technology to turn at exactly the right speed and to start and stop at exactly the right intervals for exactly the right amount of time.
  • This incredible feature means the nutribullet rx does all the thinking for you, automatically creating nutritiously cool drinks and scrumptiously hot soups and sauces. Create nutrient-rich drinks and piping hot soups and sauces in minutes. Pre-programmed with hands-free smart technology and automatic start/stop function to extract ingredients for the exact amount of time at the exact speed required to deliver optimal nutrition.
  • In addition to its incredible 1 minute nutriblast extraction cycle, the nutribullet rx features a ‘souperblast mode’; a 7 minute heating cycle that turns your vegetables into delicious piping hot soups and sauces. Just press and hold the g-button on the front of the power base for 2 seconds to activate the ‘souperblast’ mode. With a 2.3 horsepower motor and 1700 watts of power, the nutribullet rx is powerful enough to liquefy almost any ingredient.
  • The powerful, twist-on extractor blade fits all nutribullet rx vessels to burst open seeds, crack through stems and shred through the skins of fruits and vegetables, extracting all the fiber and other normally unused nutrients. The vented pitcher lid allows heat and pressure to escape during the soup-making process, whilst the pitcher spout allows for easy pouring into serving dishes.
  • The large pitcher and oversized cup are ideal for creating multiple servings to feed the entire family. The stay-fresh lid keeps your creations fresh – perfect for taking on the go or storing for another day. Quick and easy to clean – the nutribullet rx cups, pitcher and lids are dishwasher safe. Includes a bonus ‘nature’s prescription’ hardback recipe book, with150 pages of recipes and information to help you get the most out of your nutribullet rx. The nutribullet rx oversized and short cups are bpa free.
  • What you get 1 x high torque power base.1 x extractor blade.1 x short cup 352ml .1 x handled oversized cup 1278ml 1 x pitcher lid.1 x 1l souperblast pitcher with lid.1 x stay fresh lid.1 x comfort lip ring.1 x blade remover.1 x user guide and recipes.

The right blender or juicer could become your best friend in the kitchen. A blender is most used for making smoothies, soups and milkshakes, but they can also create delicious meals from scratch – some are capable of grinding pastes like pesto and nut butters while others allow you to emulsify mayonnaise and make aioli. Some blenders can even be used for mixing batters; wherein a juicer is essential to enjoy every kind of nutritious juice that nature has to offer. Below is the guide that will help you make the right decision as per your preferences.


Factors to consider before making a purchase - Blender


Blenders capacity

Modern blenders offer containers in numerous sizes, and culinary experts who regularly cook for a large number of people should purchase a blender that will combine enough food for everyone at the same time.

Blender blades

Blender manufacturers often construct their handy appliances with a removable blade base, which allows for easier cleaning. In some cases, culinary experts can even remove the blades from the base to clean the bottom section. Consumers should purchase blades constructed from stainless steel to avoid rusting. Stainless steel also provides greater durability.

Blender control

A blender's control panel will help consumers select the best setting for the type of ingredients that they are blending. Often, modern control panels feature a touchpad control system, which allows for easy cleaning. Touchpads offer a streamlined look, and several versions provide settings that the manufacturer has pre-programmed into the system. Often, people consider the classic unit with push buttons starts as it allows stopping the blender at any time. A blender with a toggle setting will permit the switching of speeds, which can ensure thorough blending while a rotary dial will also offer enhanced blending control.

Blender settings

When you choose the proper blender setting, you'll find recipes easy to make as the blender will do the job of mixing the recipe's ingredients or chopping food items into the required portion sizes. Ensure the blender that you select includes Stir, Puree, Chop, Mix & Liquefy settings.

Power (measured in wattage)

A more powerful motor will tackle harder foods or ice cubes.


Types of Blenders


Jar Blenders

Jar blenders consists of Motor base and Glass or Plastic Jar and with optional add on like sauce Blending Jar or Coffee Grinder jar.

Hand Blenders

It is a kitchen appliance to blend ingredients or puree food in the container in which they are being prepared.

Multi-function Blenders

Consist of multiple attachments, including a food-processing bowl, chopper, or a to-go cup, so you can make the most out of just one machine.


Factors to consider before making a purchase - Juicer


Multiple speeds

Soft fruits like grapes can be easier to juice slowly while carrots and root vegetables work better at high speeds. The ability to customize your juicing session can save time and frustration.

Juice & pulp container sizes

If you're juicing for a crowd, you may not want to stop and empty either the pulp bin or your juice container, so make sure both have ample space.


Do you plan to make a lot of juice in the morning when others are still asleep? Choose a quieter juicer. Centrifugal juicers, because of their high speeds, tend to be louder, while the slow speeds of masticating juicers are much quieter.

Construction & Aesthetics

For Long life Juicers with quality, metal parts, and stainless-steel blades must be preferred. The juicer should be heavy enough to stay stable on the countertop, while under use, and have rubber feet to deter movement while it's operating.  Juicers are now available in good snazzy and sleek styles.


Types of Juicers


Masticating Juicers

A masticating juicer uses gears or augers to chew down food and break up cells releasing enzymes, fiber, vitamins etc. These juicers are highly efficient and they can process a lot of food because the pulp always comes out drier. Moreover, a masticating juicer with a single gear can churn through anything you put in it. It works great with grass, leaves and juicy vegetables too.

Centrifugal Juicers

This juicer helps you to prepare fresh juice for the breakfast table. These juicers use centrifugal force by first grating the fruit or veggie into a soggy pulp and then forcing it against a strainer screen at high RPM to squeeze the juice out. In fact, this is the popular kind of juicer seen in the market because they are inexpensive, effective and moderately efficient.

Citrus Press

It is Simple and often less expensive, available in manual and electric versions, a citrus press makes fresh squeezed orange juice, lemonade and more by squeezing the juice out of those fruits.

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