Mobile Clinic

  • The Mobile Clinic, is a one stop solution to ensure you can make the most of your gadgets

    Our Experts at The Jacky’s Electronics Stores are happy to assist you with your queries related to the your favorite gadgets.

  • What can you expect at The Mobile Clinic?

    1. Buying advice from our experts that meet your needs & requirement
    2. Techinical issues resolution
    3. Tips & Tricks on how to make the most of your products
    4. Software set-up installation and Operating System installation
    5. Connections of devices to network
    6. Virus removal
    7. Access to Self-Help tools
    8. Tune-Up and Backup
  • Where all can you find The Mobile Clinic ?

    The Jacky's Mobile Clinic can be found at the Jacky's Electronics retail outlets in the below locations

    1. Deira City Centre
    2. Ajman City Centre
    3. Nasser Square, Deira

    For more information, you can contact us on [email protected]

  • Categories

    1. Smartphones
    2. Tablets
    3. IT
      1. Laptop or Notebooks
      2. Desktops
      3. Batteries & Chargers
    4. Software
    5. Data Transfer
  • Services Offered

    • Mobile & Laptop Screen Fixing
    • Laptop Parts Repair & Replacement
    • Upgradation and Replacement RAM & Storage
    • Internal Components Repair & Replacement.
    • Data Back Up & Transfer of Data
    • Software Malfunction Help
    • Battery Replacement
    • Device Health Check Up
    • Screen Protection Application

These are just a few of the many services offered, for any enquires please check with one of our highly talented technicians.

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